oh hey.

oh hey everyone.

yep still here.  still breathing although that last post doesn't make it seem like it.

this is such an interesting stage to be at in my life because i feel like i've been going at it so long.  but then i take stock of my inventory and i realize, jim and i are really at the beginning still.  our third (!) anniversary is in december and while i can't believe it's been that long, it really is still the first chapter.  and that realization helps.  to know that it's okay if we don't have everything i want, it's ok if we are short on money and don't own a home yet.  it's okay to know that there will be new additions added and new hard times and good times to come.

fall has always been my favorite season, i think most mid westerners will agree, there is nothing like the perfect fall day.  this year i have been trying to ruminate on why i personally love fall so much as it goes beyond pumpkin spice lattes (yes i worked it in) and cable knit cardigans.  as someone who thrives on being busy and even at times unhealthily thrives on stress, there is something soothing about watching your world prepare for rest.  to know that even the trees take time to let go of their leaves and stay quiet.  rest has never been something i'm good at, i'm much better at "well, i feel like i am at a really good place, let's add one more thing" so to see nature so completely fall into a resting state, i can't help but feel it does my soul good.

take note soul, the point of life is to enjoy it.  i am constantly relearning that lesson everyday.  with cold toes and warm coffee in the morning with my little one, with a beer at lunch just because i can, holding hands with my husband, and yes with pumpkin spice lattes.

heart, welcome fall, welcome the rest that this winter will provide.