hello.  seeing as it is Thursday and I can barely keep my eyes open at 1:18pm, I thought I would take a quick minute to just jot down what the eff is up since honestly... you all aren't getting some deep conversation/intellectual post this week.  I mean, let's have a round of applause that I got in two posts in a week.  (HOW DO MOMS HAVE TIME TO BLOG?!?!!?)

This week -

I was watching my baby's heart rate on the monitor at the hospital.  I fell (again).  It was actually one of those things where I was just immediately pissed at myself because hello how stupid and now I have to go to the hospital to be monitored.  It was actually a very casual affair with me waiting until Jim got home and then just driving myself.  Spoiler alert: everything was fine, my 21 month old just needs to keep her toys out of my way! (yeah right)

Searching for patience, and more sleep.  Hoping these will be combined one of these days.  Also ways to maximize our space while we try to make room for the addition.  Ugh, it's been an emotionally up and down week.  Impatience at wanting to move and meet my new son and knowing in the back of my mind to stop wishing the time away because honey it stops for no one anyway.

I have been missing my best friend a lot this week.  She lives in Raleigh and I got to see her a week and a half ago for her brother's wedding.  Ugh, it was such a tease.  Our times together since she moved four years ago have been few an far between.  I feel lucky in this life to have found both my soulmates (spouse and friend) but it's hard being away from her all the time.

Adelynn has been growing up recently.  It's like we are turning our heads for a second and she is just mastering more and more.  I'd like to do a full post on her updates, but in case I don't get to it, here are things she has mastered recently: independent sentences (IE. asking for someone and then asking for an action "TyTy swim" "Leo eat it") swinging on big girl swings, very independent play both a the park and at home, walking and running everywhere, climbing ladders... it goes on and on.  It both breaks my heart and makes me so proud.

I have been doing my best to ignore the fact that in just a couple short weeks my nannying job will end.  I feel goofy over how sad it is making me.  Those kids are just so special and so close with Addie and I'm close with them. I actually had trouble falling asleep last night because I kept picturing them going to school and leaving Adelynn behind.  I know it is ending for the best of reasons and it might not even be permanent (maybe next summer?) but for now it is and I feel sad that my daughters best friends are going to be going away without an explanation that she will really understand...

ugh.  Way to end on a high note.  That being said, the weather here is gorgeous, I have the windows open - air off in the middle end of July....  also holy cow it's the end of July.  Enjoy the (almost) weekend and have a donut for me!

lazy, hazy, crazy baby.

it's summer.  I am actually quit thrilled to see so many of my favorite bloggers taking a break.  It takes the pressure off a bit.  Everyone is out enjoying the weather, unplugging.  It feels nice to breathe the fresh air, have a glass of lemonade, enjoy family, friends, longer days, etc.

That being said, I am now in my seventh month of pregnancy and getting to that uncomfortable, when is he going to be out, pregnancy is so difficult stage.  Truly.  I keep reminding myself that no matter how difficult pregnancy is, it only becomes more so once they are out.

J and I took the plunge and joined our local gym with an annual membership this past weekend.  The biggest draw for us was the pool/aquatic center they have.  I am so so so excited about this.  We paid for a daily pass last week to take Adelynn swimming.  Later that night, she flopped on her belly in the tub and as she was squirming around and said "swimming, swimming."  It was pretty much decided then and there that a membership was going to be a necessity.  It's an indoor pool which takes away seasonal worries and sun worries.  With the baby coming it will be so nice to have somewhere close where Jim can take her for a couple hours and she LOVES.  I am also equally excited about the gym membership... although I am not doing much now (haha!) I suffer from seasonal depression in the winter and am looking forward to having an outlet and a way to train for my marathon.  Even if I only make it twice a week, I am going to love having that time for just me and my goals. 

Lately... this is what we've been up to in numbers

daily wagon rides, number of times having to double back to pick up lost sunglasses - 2

3 - number of hours I made it at the reception and number of people in this picture

1 - birthday pop

12 - roses from my love

12 million, number of times she says higher!

so that's been life lately.  we've been working and loving and living.  some days are a struggle, some I am frustrated.  but overall it's been asweet summer with the promise of new things to come this fall. 

ps. we are going to work on transitioning addy to a big girl bed this coming weekend.  I will keep you posted on how this all goes!

Currently, struggles and wishes!

This post could probably be titled "Things I am struggling with" because right now I am.  I just seem to be in a funk and it's difficult to look at myself, know I am not fully enjoying life, and not know what to do to pull out of it.  I've analyzed and compiled and am left just unsure.  I am not sure if it's the progesterone shots I'm on (that's my likely guess) or just my hormones in general but overall I am left just wishing I was enjoying life a little more.  I am going to do my best to make sure the things in my control like: diet, sleep, and water aren't being ignored and go from there. 

That being said, as of today, we are officially 3 months away from baby boys due date.  It seems really far away and close at the same time.  I am starting to get to the uncomfortable phase where the belly is starting to be pretty big and twelve more weeks of growing seems.... well pretty unfeasible.  On the other hand, holy shit, 12 weeks MAXIMUM to go.  Ummm, let's think about how much we gotta get done in 12 weeks. 

In other news, I thought I would share a few items on my wish list.  Jim and I made the difficult decision that for now house hunting is tabled and we will revisit it in January.  It was made for a myriad of reason the two most important ones being:

1) we will be much more financially stable in January due to Christmas bonus.  Yes we probably could move now but why stress ourselves out for the next four-five months especially with...

2) baby boys birth.  Of course we are hoping and praying for a complication free delivery but one never knows.  No need to compile stress when we can just wait and get him home safely.

That being said.... it hasn't stopped me from reworking multiple rooms and layouts in my head.  Here are a few items I am craving.

1) natural textures like this tablecloth featuring jute

2) this large wooden clock from JBJunkMarket on etsy. I am obsessed with this clock ever since I saw it about a year ago.  The price tag is hefty but I know I would use it my whole life.

3) a new area rug (this one is from amazon).  I am most likely going to be hitting local discount stores for a new rug but I would love something lighter and patterned for our family room.  I am trying to rid ourselves of the brown!

4) a double strand initial necklace.  we haven't decided on a boys name yet but I can't wait to get a necklace with both of their initials.  I love the strong lettering look of this one from ElegantSwan.

5) okay last necklace.  I wear a necklace almost every day, that being said Burnish has become my favorite shop on Etsy for unique and wearable jewelry.  I asked for this necklace for Christmas two years ago and wear it almost daily.  That being said, we can always add to the collection with this beautiful stone necklace featured above.

So that's what's topping my wish list recently.  What about you all?  Any unique items you want to share?