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currently linking up

i am trying my first link up with OT and ET... a nice relaxing and dare i say easy blog post for the day...

visiting: we are getting ready to visit one of my very best friends out of town this weekend.  it's a two hour drive for us and the longest we will have ever been in the car with a, since she is a baby straight from heaven above... i am not anticipating much drama (watch it will be nothing but... i shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket)

working: out a lot.  i have made a commitment to work out six days a week.  five tough cardio/strength training and one day of yoga.

creating: dinners?  not much... this saturday i am cooking ribs, cheddar biscuits, au gratin potatoes, and green beans for that super cute hubby and b-i-l of mine.  i am looking forward to that.

loving: my daughter.  seriously gets better every day.  and i love the love that she has with her dad... i know she loves me but no one cracks girlfriend up more than her dad.

post baby workout

you know the recommended 25-30 lbs that you are supposed to gain through pregnancy?  yeahhhhhh... i gained 50 and i went into labor at 36 weeks... i think God was just trying to spare me those extra couple lbs at the end.

last belly picture i have.  i was definitely out of creative ideas on the chalkboard by that point.  
so post baby fitness.  couple facts: i did have a c-section so i wasn't cleared to work out until 6 weeks... i did try to work out beforehand.  and i could tell i wasn't ready.  at about that six week appointment i felt "ready" when i was doing my workout dvds.  i was/am nursing so i do have to keep my calorie count up.  
i lost 24 lbs in the first two weeks or so, which i definitely attribute to nursing and just eating slightly healthier than i did at the very end of my pregnancy.  at my six week check up though, i had only lost an additional three lbs or so... definitely still had my work cut out for me.
since i am staying home right now... a gym …

wants and wishes

hello spring!  or in ohio... hello mud! rain! overcast days that make you feel like you are nearing the end of the world!

oh no... just me?  okay.

anyways, back to the topic at hand.  i like to pick up a few pieces every season to help update the wardrobe that i already have.  sometimes i pick up expensive key pieces... but usually it's 3-4 cheap look of the moment pieces.  here is what i am coveting or have already picked up

one // two // three // four // five
maxi skirt: i am kinda over jeans... (1) not comfortable (2) i like dark washes so they never look appropriate in the daytime (3) i feel i am almost always showing crack... not pretty but true.  maxi skirt pluses (1) versatile (2) comfortable (3) won't be flashing people as i get babe in and out of vehicle
jeggings: i abhor the word but with a closet full of black leggings worn as pants, i need something new and fresh for spring.  at ten bucks a pop these aren't going to break the bank if i don't like them.. shou…

thoughts on motherhood

tomorrow we are going to attempt to give a cereal.  we tried last weekend but girlfriend has a meltdown 2 seconds in due to wanting to nap.  (as her parents we are clearly ALWAYS clued in to what she wants... especially since the "tips" specifically stated... do not attempt when fussy)

since she is nursing, in my thoughts and heart this marks one of the first times that i am no longer enough.  i'm still her mom but she has needs that exist outside of what i can fulfill.  it's very bittersweet.  as a female and a mom there is such a transformation that takes place with having a child.  they go from literally not being able to survive outside of you in the womb, to coming out yet still existing almost as an extension of yourself although the umbilical cord is cut.

but that time is short.  and soon they begin to embrace their own autonomy.  existing solely within and off themselves and not as an extension of you.  i pray that although i gave her life, i will always reco…

sleep, or lack thereof

from the beginning, a has always been a good sleeper for us.  as a newborn, yes she was up every 3 hours to eat, but between those feedings?  it was sleep city.  the hospital was actually the roughest part as even though we were supplementing with formula at the time the nursery would always kick her back to us when she was hungry fussy. and we hated keeping her in the cage basket thing that they provided so jim and i were always up.  but once we got home it was smooth sailing.

so currently, little a is at 4.5 months and i am a little bit lost.  i have been loosely following healthy sleep habits, happy child but with my type a personality it was almost doing more harm than good as i was forcing her into a schedule at too young of an age and disrupting the good thing that she naturally had going.  but now... well now we are all over the map.  her bedtime is consistent, 7 pm.  however, recently at 7:45 she has been waking up INCONSOLABLE until i go in and nurse her.  jim and i do practi…

pajama monday

baby and i are having a pajama monday today.  as a sahm i often feel pressure, put on by myself of course, to constantly "do" things to make sure i am needed/worthwhile.  gotta clean, gotta cook, gotta read the baby a book (ok rhyming skills need help).

but today.  i am relishing the quiet, knowing that these days are going to be a memory quicker than i would like.  and i am giving myself the day off, letting myself do only what i want to do today.  enjoying the bright sun from the comfort of my heated home, smelling the new fragrance from my bath and body plug in (it's this one, in case you are curious), and knowing that i am very very lucky to be at home with my little girl enjoying these moments.

even the dogs are quiet today, munching on their bones.  (and see that terrible mess couch cover... yes that was one of our most recent wastes of $30.  perhaps it's because i have terriers and they feel the need to dig, dig, dig.  perhaps it's just because it's cr…

secret weapons

when i was pregnant, i was lucky enough to be blessed with raging acne.  i had been lucky enough to escape the worst of it in high school and in college started using the clinique 3 step acne system.

enter pregnancy... no benzoyl peroxide, no salicyclic acid.  my skin care routine was out the window.  enter the raging hormones and well... it was a rough road.  nothing like uncontrollable shine and blemishes to boost your self esteem when you are packing on the lbs like a champion weight lifter.

what i WISH i would have known then, is that i didn't have to use those chemicals to keep my skin clear.  my secret is coconut oil.  this thing is a miracle.

since using it i am pretty much blemish free, no flaky skin (in addition to acne, i also suffer from dry skin in the winter... awesome), and there are no extra chemicals to worry about since i am nursing.  i buy it in bulk from amazon, and keep one in my kitchen for cooking and one in the bathroom.

there are different ways to use it a…

inaugural post

the very fact that i am posting this at 6:30 am and the fact that i have already been up for TWO hours just because i couldn't sleep suggests one thing... i am very very excited about this blog.  for a long time, i have wanted to join the blogging world...  my conversations monologues with j (the husband) would normally involve any of these sentences

"today on this blog i read..." "so and so is having a baby from this blog i read" "people make MONEY blogging... like $1000 a month"
(ps. sidenote, i am not currently making money on this blog)
and i so desperately wanted to join in.  i knew it was getting bad when i was theorizing posts in my head (on my imaginary at the time blog).  ie. "these cupcakes are delicious... i could do a post!" "i juiced today... i could post!" but there were those nagging thoughts...
"what if people you know in real life find out you blog and make fun of you?!" "who would want to read it?&q…