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post baby workout

you know the recommended 25-30 lbs that you are supposed to gain through pregnancy?  yeahhhhhh... i gained 50 and i went into labor at 36 weeks... i think God was just trying to spare me those extra couple lbs at the end.

last belly picture i have.  i was definitely out of creative ideas on the chalkboard by that point.  

so post baby fitness.  couple facts: i did have a c-section so i wasn't cleared to work out until 6 weeks... i did try to work out beforehand.  and i could tell i wasn't ready.  at about that six week appointment i felt "ready" when i was doing my workout dvds.  i was/am nursing so i do have to keep my calorie count up.  

i lost 24 lbs in the first two weeks or so, which i definitely attribute to nursing and just eating slightly healthier than i did at the very end of my pregnancy.  at my six week check up though, i had only lost an additional three lbs or so... definitely still had my work cut out for me.

since i am staying home right now... a gym isn't really feasible budget/time wise.  but girls, i am kicking ass at workout dvd's right now.  a's naps are minimum 30 minutes and that is enough time to work out, promise.

i have been alternating 30 day shred, ripped in 30, yoga for stress relief, no more trouble zones, and yoga for weight loss.  i like the shorter work outs because i can guarantee to get the whole thing in while babe naps.  nothing is worse than missing a cool down or being halfway through a workout because she is ready to get up.  plus 30 minutes is manageable.  i just ordered insanity fast and furious and a cardio program since i think right now that is what i am lacking.  the yoga and no more trouble zones are great for strength training but in my heart i am a runner and it has been killing me not to run (6 am runs alone in the dark/snowy/cold just aren't jiving yet, maybe this summer?).  so i am hoping the insanity cardio kills me as it seems to do everyone who has left a review.

i am currently about 10 lbs away from my pre-baby weight and at this point, i am expecting not to lose those until i am done nursing (a lot of people say your body stores just a little extra fat while nursing to produce enough milk) but working out has seriously boosted my mood so much even though i hateeeeeeee getting ready to do it.  

and you know what keep me motivated? i put an "x" on each day on my calendar that i work out.  so silly but it's like giving myself a gold star and acknowledging my accomplishment.  and it's a cumulative effect over the whole month, seeing them all add up!

anyone else trying to accomplish a goal fitness wise? or getting in shape for spring?


  1. DUDE! Finally got to my emails and saw your cute comment! Thanks so so much! I love your blog!

    I'm actually in the process of switching over to Wordpress with my own domain, so I'll keep you posted. I'd love to follow you but I'm not sure how that works....AGH! Scary!

    PS: I lost ALL my weight (including pre-baby weight) breastfeeding. Keep at it. You'll be golden!
    SOON to be

    1. yay! i am excited for your new blog! and re: weight loss: girl i am glad to hear it - just takes time no?

      let me know when your blog switches over for sureeeeeeeee although i am sure you will post it on your old blog and i will follow and if you want to follow mine, i have the little google plus option on my sidebar it's just lonely cause i don't have any followers yet! lol :)

      okay PUMPED! so excited for your new posts!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!! I hear ya on the workout front...I had a c-section too and didn't start until 6 took me nearly a full year but now I am happily 10 lbs lighter than prebaby weight! Yay!! But I totally went to a gym with a daycare cuz hubs is in the navy and was gone a lot and mama needs a break when shes doing it all on her own, no friends or family to share the load with!! Get it girl!!

  3. Wow, 24 pounds in 2 weeks is definitely something to be proud of! I've recently started doing at home barre workouts from and I LOVE them. You're petite, and so am I ... so I TOTALLY understand what you mean about the 50 pound weight gain (I know, I know, "it was for the baby" is not something you want to hear ;) )

    I absolutely LOVE the barre workouts - I know it's easier said than done, but if you focus on toning rather than the pounds you might find yourself a bit happier and more positive about the whole weight loss experience! I really loathe working out...seriously LOATHE it, but the barre is something that I actually enjoy. It's $15 per month, and they actually have post-natal barre classes, too!!

    1. You are too cute! I will have to try out the classes... i have done "the barre method" i think in the past but haven't tried it recently.

      And you are definitely right... i do try to focus on how my body looks and my mental energy vs. The number on the scale.... but it's not always the easiest thing to do :)

  4. Hi Bria! Just got your comment from the blog hop.. I couldn't reply since you're a "no-reply blogger" but still wanted to say thanks for stopping by my world. And girl you go! You only have 10lbs that's great! :)

  5. thanks for sharing this!! I'm going to hope my body does something similar! i miss 30 day shred and those other work out dvds and am excited to do them again!!


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