inaugural post

the very fact that i am posting this at 6:30 am and the fact that i have already been up for TWO hours just because i couldn't sleep suggests one thing... i am very very excited about this blog.  for a long time, i have wanted to join the blogging world...  my conversations monologues with j (the husband) would normally involve any of these sentences

"today on this blog i read..."
"so and so is having a baby from this blog i read"
"people make MONEY blogging... like $1000 a month"

(ps. sidenote, i am not currently making money on this blog)

and i so desperately wanted to join in.  i knew it was getting bad when i was theorizing posts in my head (on my imaginary at the time blog).  ie. "these cupcakes are delicious... i could do a post!" "i juiced today... i could post!" but there were those nagging thoughts...

"what if people you know in real life find out you blog and make fun of you?!"
"who would want to read it?"
and my biggest one
"what if people are MEAN to me via the internet!"

and so i chalked it up to "you can't blog... these people all have fancy blogs with cool pictures and buttons... you can't do that."  

but you know what... i can (kinda, i mean i know this is a work in progress... and i will most likely look back on this very early template and be totallyembarrasedohmygoshwhodesignedthis).  in 2013, i am embracing what i want and my passions... because that's what will make me happy.  two phrases have been sticking with me as i've started to embrace what is important to me.

"what would you do if you knew you could not fail?"
"she believed she could and she did."

so welcome... let's be honest i am probably saying welcome to my husband and best friends at this point who will read because i am going to email them the link.  but ohmygosh i am excited and i can think of no better day to start this then valentine's day.

so happy valentine's day first and foremost to my two very special valentine's and to everyone else.  maybe this will jump start something you want to do (maybe not, i mean come on... i am pretty new at this!) but in any case... i am trying and i am proud.
  and he says happy valentine's day too.

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