wants and wishes

hello spring!  or in ohio... hello mud! rain! overcast days that make you feel like you are nearing the end of the world!

oh no... just me?  okay.

anyways, back to the topic at hand.  i like to pick up a few pieces every season to help update the wardrobe that i already have.  sometimes i pick up expensive key pieces... but usually it's 3-4 cheap look of the moment pieces.  here is what i am coveting or have already picked up

one // two // three // four // five

maxi skirt: i am kinda over jeans... (1) not comfortable (2) i like dark washes so they never look appropriate in the daytime (3) i feel i am almost always showing crack... not pretty but true.  maxi skirt pluses (1) versatile (2) comfortable (3) won't be flashing people as i get babe in and out of vehicle

jeggings: i abhor the word but with a closet full of black leggings worn as pants, i need something new and fresh for spring.  at ten bucks a pop these aren't going to break the bank if i don't like them.. should still be comfortable and hopefully won't ride down.  i picked up an electric blue and white (so classic) to spice up the wardrobe and match my tops

lace panel top: they offer this in neon but purchased in grey it can last more than one season and transition to fall.  i love victorias secret because i really feel their clothes hold up well through washes (hello spit up!) and there is always something a little bit sexy about their fit but still forgiving.  

maxi dress: the other reason i like victorias secret is that they recycle their clothes a lot through the seasons, just updating the colors/prints.  for example, i scooped up one of these dresses for $27 bucks around christmastime, the print was different (purple and yellow).  i know it will be comfortable in the summer, last me a couple years and i can dress it down with a plain white t over top or up with a sexy necklace and bangles.

zip mini: oh.my.all.that.is.holy.  do yourself a favor... these are still on clearance and just buy one.  it is THE SINGLE MOST COMFORTABLE skirt i have ever owned and it is sexy as hell.  i wore mine over leggings with a black top for a date with the hubby but it will transition into spring with bare legs and t-shirts.  i bought mine in the electric blue and a subtle animal print. 

so there you have it, i am still waiting for the jeggings to come via mail but as soon as i get them... maybe i will do an outfit post??  what's on everyone's wants come springtime??

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