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i am trying my first link up with OT and ET... a nice relaxing and dare i say easy blog post for the day...

visiting: we are getting ready to visit one of my very best friends out of town this weekend.  it's a two hour drive for us and the longest we will have ever been in the car with a, since she is a baby straight from heaven above... i am not anticipating much drama (watch it will be nothing but... i shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket)

working: out a lot.  i have made a commitment to work out six days a week.  five tough cardio/strength training and one day of yoga.

creating: dinners?  not much... this saturday i am cooking ribs, cheddar biscuits, au gratin potatoes, and green beans for that super cute hubby and b-i-l of mine.  i am looking forward to that.

loving: my daughter.  seriously gets better every day.  and i love the love that she has with her dad... i know she loves me but no one cracks girlfriend up more than her dad.

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  1. Hi there-Saw you on Harvesting Kale. Clicked on your blog and was like, hey I know that picture. I also live in Seattle. Nice to 'meet' you.