Randoms for the end of March

I am posting from my phone so excuse any typos (which there will be) and the general lack of photos or cohesiveness.

It's the end of March. We have two inches of snow on the ground, my heart is breaking a little right now.  That being said Bed Bath and Beyond is a great place to take a cooped up toddler, seriously.  Not only do they have fun inexpensive treats like bubbles but if you hang out on the sheets and pillows side there are endless things to look at but nothing breakable on her level.

I got my Girl Scout cookies today, a saving grace.

My daughter gets funnier and funnier every day.  I love that she does things to make us laugh and has all this energy.  She gets so much joy out of each moment and it's awesome being able to witness that.

My nannying job is up in the air right now.  Unfortunately it's been messing up adelynn's schedule for a long time and after weeks of no naps and four am wake ups my husband and I agreed something needed to change.  Not sure what is going to happen yet, but something will be shifting.  This decision led to a full day of crying for me and an 8:15 bedtime.

Also phew.  After a relative draught of appointments or get togethers march has been hopping.  We have been busy every weekend and are getting ready to head out shortly to Connecticut.

And I will end on this.  I have been incredibly thankful for my husband and daughter recently.  Not in a "oh I should be thankful kind of way" but in on an inhale-exhale basis.  We have been functioning so well and i feel like I have come a long way in confronting issues when they happen instead of stewing for a weekend and ruining it for everyone.  He has been such a rock for our family recently and it's been nice to think back to how far we've come.  We are in our fourth (!!) year of marriage which I remarked felt significant.  He said it was probably because we have passed the "couple" or "few" timelines.  Almost half a decade people.

Happy hump day everyone.  Here's to smooth sailing the rest of the week!

a letter to a.

dear daughter,

oh my goodness.  you are turning 17 months old in four days.  just a month shy of a year and a half old. 

you are so intentional with your love now.  when you wake up in the morning (inevitably screaming as any time left in your crib alone is too long) the first thing you do when I pick you up is say "hug hug" then "daddy, hug" wanting me to bring you into our room for some snuggles.  we lay in our bed and you say hi to everyone "weo, hug hug, cookie, hug hug, daddy, hug hug, mommy, hug"  but you never really leave my arms.  you are always giving me and your dad hi fives, kisses, and hugs. 

you know all the names of those closest to you, granddad and bobbie, gigi and papa, nana and grandpa, tyty, you ask to see ty on the days we aren't nannying but seem to understand when I explain when we will see him next.  you are ok being left with others to watch over you, reading books and playing just fine when I tell you mommy will be back. 

I am so proud of you vocabulary as you now repeat almost any new phrase you hear.  we were listening to "boom boom aint it great to be crazy" and you go "crazy, crazy?!"  today I was changing a stinky diaper and I go "oh my" and you immediately go "oh my! oh my!"  you are such a little lady now, I am always pinning back your bangs with flower clips, you run along in your little toddler shoes, and your legs are long and skinny.  my happy baby is gone, replaced with a charming toddler.

we went through a rough stage, I was having a hard time with some outbursts and the hitting and yelling.  I wasn't sure I was doing a good job and we felt cooped up all the time.  however, I have turned a corner with you and realized that a lot of it comes from not being able to express yourself (duh!) but also it is just part of the age and I stay consistent with how I handle it every time.  you are normally very good about listening and even when you hit me, I sometimes haven't even opened my mouth to correct you before you go "hug, hug?"

I love you baby girl.  I am so happy to see the start of March and a beautiful spring/summer/year with you.  You are my heart of hearts and I love being your mommy.

I will be forever blessed by you.

out for breakfast 3/1/14