pajama monday

baby and i are having a pajama monday today.  as a sahm i often feel pressure, put on by myself of course, to constantly "do" things to make sure i am needed/worthwhile.  gotta clean, gotta cook, gotta read the baby a book (ok rhyming skills need help).

but today.  i am relishing the quiet, knowing that these days are going to be a memory quicker than i would like.  and i am giving myself the day off, letting myself do only what i want to do today.  enjoying the bright sun from the comfort of my heated home, smelling the new fragrance from my bath and body plug in (it's this one, in case you are curious), and knowing that i am very very lucky to be at home with my little girl enjoying these moments.

even the dogs are quiet today, munching on their bones.  (and see that terrible mess couch cover... yes that was one of our most recent wastes of $30.  perhaps it's because i have terriers and they feel the need to dig, dig, dig.  perhaps it's just because it's crap but it does not stay up.  however, because my dogs do chew bones and lick their paws constantly... i'm just not ready to give up on the idea of protecting our investment.)

i have been reading the happiness project recently and am about halfway through.  i had hesitated picking it up for a while because the reviews on amazon are so polarizing.  but amazon put the kindle edition on sale for $4.99 and i happily picked it up for the price of basically my drink at starbucks.  and can i tell you i am so glad i did.

are her thoughts and revelations earth shattering?  no.  we aren't dismantling an atomic bomb or anything.  but for this stage of my life, they are so very, very relevant.  in the day to day, of diapers and being alone with my child and making ends meet... how do i maximize my happiness?  one tip is an empty shelf... with our homes full an empty shelf leaves room for possibilities, for expansion and growth, a small reminder that we are not done, not finished... that we can still achieve and g-r-o-w.  so today i cleared it, an empty shelf all to myself.  above our vast tea collection selection and my vitamins.

so there you have it.  an empty shelf and a reminder that we are not done.  happy pajama monday everyone.

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