lazy, hazy, crazy baby.

it's summer.  I am actually quit thrilled to see so many of my favorite bloggers taking a break.  It takes the pressure off a bit.  Everyone is out enjoying the weather, unplugging.  It feels nice to breathe the fresh air, have a glass of lemonade, enjoy family, friends, longer days, etc.

That being said, I am now in my seventh month of pregnancy and getting to that uncomfortable, when is he going to be out, pregnancy is so difficult stage.  Truly.  I keep reminding myself that no matter how difficult pregnancy is, it only becomes more so once they are out.

J and I took the plunge and joined our local gym with an annual membership this past weekend.  The biggest draw for us was the pool/aquatic center they have.  I am so so so excited about this.  We paid for a daily pass last week to take Adelynn swimming.  Later that night, she flopped on her belly in the tub and as she was squirming around and said "swimming, swimming."  It was pretty much decided then and there that a membership was going to be a necessity.  It's an indoor pool which takes away seasonal worries and sun worries.  With the baby coming it will be so nice to have somewhere close where Jim can take her for a couple hours and she LOVES.  I am also equally excited about the gym membership... although I am not doing much now (haha!) I suffer from seasonal depression in the winter and am looking forward to having an outlet and a way to train for my marathon.  Even if I only make it twice a week, I am going to love having that time for just me and my goals. 

Lately... this is what we've been up to in numbers

daily wagon rides, number of times having to double back to pick up lost sunglasses - 2

3 - number of hours I made it at the reception and number of people in this picture

1 - birthday pop

12 - roses from my love

12 million, number of times she says higher!

so that's been life lately.  we've been working and loving and living.  some days are a struggle, some I am frustrated.  but overall it's been asweet summer with the promise of new things to come this fall. 

ps. we are going to work on transitioning addy to a big girl bed this coming weekend.  I will keep you posted on how this all goes!

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