When I gave birth to my son two weeks ago, I had no intention of being done with blogging.  I was going to come back, share his birth story, and continue on my journey of growing and expanding this blog.

However, I have become more and more at odds with the idea of sharing his birth story.  While most would just say "that's fine, skip it and just jump to the next post" it just doesn't feel right to me.  The world is changing, and while it seems overprotective to just pull everything... I don't feel at ease with posting anymore.  My babies are my life and I want them to be sheltered and protected for as long as possible, without everyone knowing what cute and funny or horrendous things they have done.  I wanted my blog to be my most authentic version of myself and if it can't be that, then I don't feel right about continuing to post.

There is also the time factor, with two kids, my time is precious.  I want to make sure I am investing in something that gives me back what I need, rather than feeling obligated to post. 

So for now, I am done with blogging.  Perhaps in the future, there will be more posts, or different posts.  But for now, I need to hold me and my family close.  Thanks for understanding.

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