Addy at 2.5

Me: what do you want for breakfast
Her: I need fruitons! (Croutons)
Me: no, we can't have croutons for breakfast
Her: why am I mad?
Me: why are you mad?
Her: because you don't love me

At 2.5 years, my little is learning so much.  And at times, it overwhelms me.  Her fierce spirit frightens my timid nature and overwhelms my sensitive soul.  She is so sensitive too though, a combination of both my husband and I to her core.  Her emotions are intensely felt and she is before my eyes transforming into a child and leaving toddlerhood behind.  So I am taking a page from her book, following my dream and hopefully setting an example I would be proud to have her follow.

Sound cryptic? Could be because I am typing this out instead of sleeping.  There will be more to come.  I just read this post though from Kelle, and God I hope I have the guts to live that example.  Addy, at 2.5 you have taught me more than all that has come before you.  Here is to being you.

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