i know, i know.

there has been a lot going on this week (months really).  I have been processing and figuring out what I want to do.  I've had a job offer that I had to mull over and (separately) was debating trying to reenter the work force.  Staying at home, at times, is difficult.  There are so many issues to overcome just as a female in this world.  At times, my pride wants me to earn an income, my being wants to interact with adults, in an adult setting, and I grow weary and tired of being at home.

In today's society in general, it can be difficult to truly flesh out what we want.  When there are a hundred different options flashing in your face at all times, the grass tends to look greener.   But wherever you go, there you are.  I think what really brought this home for me was moving.  My husband and I closed on our house in March.  I thought this would solve all my problems, - how could I be discontent when I got the house I wanted?  Yet, the dissatisfaction still lingered.  It crept up within me like an itch you can't quite get rid off.  So the other night, I knew there would be no sleep in the cards for me, and I finally just sat with myself and the discontent, the knowledge about what my family needs right now, and what the future looks like for us. 

So - blogging is back on the plate.  I am lucky enough to have a rare opportunity to seek out my passions and that is what I am going to be looking to do.  I love the blogging community and truly want to connect and write.  So that is what I will do - it might be a couple posts a week, or once a month but they will all be written from my heart and not in an effort to gain readership or sponsored posts. 

If I could wish one thing for myself, its that I could enter a season of true contentment within my life and myself.  So often, my discontent with myself seeps into my life and leaves me feeling hollow.  I am ready to leave this behind and enter a new season.  So everyone with me now, wherever you go- there you are.

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