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what i've returned to for maternity round 2.

I think the first time you are pregnant, it's such a shock and experience and honestly - your body has no idea what you are going through much less your mind so in terms of what you should buy, what you'll need to get through being pregnant, etc. it seems easiest to either buy almost nothing (the route I chose) or buy EVERYTHING MATERNITY IN SIGHT.  I was working my first time being pregnant, so using quite a few of my dresses as tunics and adding leggings and one pair of maternity black pants, I called myself set. 

This time around, I am nannying for the summer and I knew I would need to get some new things, I am not going to be chasing after 4 kids in freaking jeans in 90 degree weather, that's for sure.  I wanted to catalogue some new things that I have bought and also some of the good stuff from before that I just can't get enough of.

Aladdin Tumbler:  I got a "free" reusable liter water bottle from the hospital when I had A and used the crap out of that thing.  However, it has seen better days although I definitely still have it stashed up in my cupboard (I mean seriously a liter! Can't beat it!) this has become my go-to.  I have really sensitive teeth and have always preferred drinking from a straw as opposed to a cup.  I like this one the best because:
  • it's straw has a little guard at the bottom to prevent over happy toddlers from pulling it out and running off with it
  • its somewhat spill proof (water comes out through the straw but I can usually catch it before it's a disaster)
  • it fits in my cup holder for when I'm driving
  • dishwasher safe and sweatproof
Gap Supersoft Leggings: I used these my first pregnancy at the advice of some other mamas out there  and loved them but had a hard just time justifying the price.  Since then I have tried pretty much every brand of leggings out there and have never been truly satisfied.  I ordered a new pair and when I got these today I told my husband "the only way I can describe it is your first bite of filet mignon after eating nothing but hamburgers" BEST LEGGING hands down pregnant or not.  Yes, they are expensive for "leggings", do yourself a favor, get a coupon and get them.

H&M Mama Nursing Bra: I exclusively breastfed for 14 months with TWO (2!!) "regular" nursing bras (ie. not sports bras) Needless to say, I didn't really feel sexy just alternating between a patterned bra and tan bra.  I just kinda wrote it off as an unnecessary expenditure and hated all my bras and my time in them lol.  It's not.  When the ahem girls grew this time around, I knew it was time to invest in some bras but I HATE shopping in stores.  I saw a recommendation for this bra and seeing as how they are under 20 bucks I decided to try one.  They are great for the money and pretty comfortable (I mean for a bra ya know)- my only recommendation is size up (in cup and band size), at least in my experience, they seem to run a little small.

Old Navy Maternity Jersey-Stretch Tank: This is a leftover from my first pregnancy.  So comfortable, so soft, not sure why I bought any other tanks.  For the money, can't be beat.

Bath and Body Lavender Vanilla Pillow Mist: One side affect that I have is trouble sleeping/troubling dreams, etc. Like intense trouble sleeping.  One of the things that seems to help me is to have a ritual of doing the same things before sleep every night.  Spraying this on my pillows usually makes the list.  It smells divine and I do feel it at least mentally helps me relax - which is half the battle when trying to get to sleep.

So those have been my go-to's this pregnancy.  I am always curious though - what does everyone else love?

Also - I hope you all are getting ready to enjoy the weekend.  It's supposed to be gorgeous here all weekend long - I just hope my peanut is well enough to enjoy it!


  1. Well, I've never been pregnant, so I can't say what I like, but I can see myself being one of those people who doesn't buy anything. But I can also see how you have your work cut out for you this summer! Sounds like you've found some good stuff this time :)


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