wish list

although we haven't started house hunting yet (school loan problems can ya hear me!) and with the way things are looking it will probably be closer to the end of the year when we actually get to really get down to the bones of looking/buying/moving, I thought I would make a list of things I definitely WANT in our new house.  I am hoping to maybe do a somewhat regular series on our process of moving/buying/finishing things.  After 2 1/2 years renting this home - I have become very aware of some of it's ahem deficiencies.

1. a desk area.  this is crucial for me.  we have a laptop in our living room, stored under the couch and a printer balanced on top of a small filing cabinet in our eating area.  originally we thought we would make the second spare bedroom into an office, but that become our nursery when I got pregnant 3 months after we moved in...  I want a place to feel organized, store important papers, and if it happens, grow this business.  I am not big on working in bed, a couch, etc.  Even now when I write posts, I usually set up at the kitchen table or outside if it's nice to feel like I am "working."

2. a play area, this can be as small as just bedrooms big enough to house "big" toys like kitchen sets, etc. or a separate living space.   our living room right now is small.  for the square footage of the house (just under 1200) it is a little awkwardly laid out and the kitchen is a huge square with a gaping hole in the middle (WASTED SPACE).  Adelynn's toys get stacked on a small bookshelf at the bottom of the steps and while it works for now... we are going to need something larger than a 3 shelf bookshelf ala Target 7 years ago for my junior year of college.

3. privacy.  we share a driveway now (HATE IT) and face a lot of neighbors.  it's not awful, it is an older neighborhood so there is VERY mature landscaping offering nice shade and some privacy but jim and I really want some space to stretch out and not have everyone up in my business all the time.  it comes more from just wanting the option to live a private life more from like NEEDING privacy for some freaky business but I just don't want everyone to need/know when I leave the house every second of every day.  this includes a FENCABLE yard!

4. updated electrical/walls/etc.  I don't mind older homes, in fact most times I prefer the character and styling of RENOVATED older homes.  plaster walls, 2 prong outlets.... I've seen enough of you.  While we are more than willing to work on cosmetic details, we also need to be practical about the level of project we can take on.  More likely than not, we will be moving in with a 2 year old and 3 month old, and I stay home all day - having workers in day in and day out will not mesh.

5. Suitable for long term use.  We aren't really in the market for starter home at this point.  We are two kids in and are planning on more in the future.  We realistically can't "make due" with one bathroom, 3 bedrooms, etc.  Ideally we would like to find our "forever" home but at the very least will plan on staying at least 10+ years.

I know this is going to be a long haul and that we are going to have to be picky.  I am okay with that but part of me wishes we were just in the market for a cute, starter home that we were planning on flipping.  Any tips out there?  I can't wait to start but part of me is DREADING the process!

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