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a huge storm just rolled in here, and although I am saying a silent prayer to the gods that our basement doesn't get any water in it (seriously right now our basement looks like hoarders... we are just out of room) something feels right about having the storm today.  it's a cozy day, addy is napping, and I am curled up on the couch with my ever present reminder of the baby boy.  we are rolling closer to his due date and while I can wax on emotional forever about it, I thought I would share a couple recent things that have been going through my head.

With Addy finally in her big girl room, the nursery is empty and looking pretty bare.  Most of the stuff is going to stay the same and I won't fully commit to a lot of things until we move but I have found myself wanting to pick up just a couple things for him.

I am really drawn to the idea of using constellations as inspiration for his room.  The universe/cosmos is something Jim has always been so interested in and as I have gotten older I have tried my best to start to study it more.  I think it would be great to instil that wonder in a child from a young age and the tapestry at $39 bucks is a steal and something he could grow with.  But of course, I love elephants too.  I don't know.  I am not into super ornate nurseries, one because our "nursery" is the size of a closet and two, because I hesitate to spend a lot of money on things until I get to know their personality.  Although I know Addy's interests and likes will change, I am excited to get to do her room when we move knowing that it will last her the next 3-4 years.

Also I have been on a little cart splurge at Old Navy.  Basically I have thousands of things in my cart and hope to pull the trigger soon but probably wont.  I do need some new clothes but am wrestling with spending the money.  Especially seeing as I can't wear them yet.  I am hoping for some good sales around Labor Day and will save the rest for Christmas - but here are a few things I am coveting.

I actually have a pair of these skinny jeans waiting for me post-partum.  Lauren from ForLaurenandLauren suggested them as just right for moms who can't handle the down low rise jeans anymore.  Since I am constantly showing crack (literally) I am hoping these work for me. 

I am really craving this dress for the family photos we will have taken after he comes.  I feel like the fit will still be forgiving since I will only be a couple weeks postpartum and am in love with the very fall print.  Can't believe it is coming.

The other's are just comfy basics that also look breast feeding friendly.  Can't say I am looking forward to planning my wardrobe around having to constantly whip out my boobs again but... what can ya do? 

Also my little one turns two in two months and we have already bought most of her gifts!  I am going to work on a currently coveting list for her too though as I have spotted some things I think she would love.

Have a great week!

ps.  I am not being sponsored by Old Navy (I WISH!)  but just really have a cart full of things right now at their website.... :)

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