ain't over till it's over baby.

I have seen a lot of "summer is ending!" "fall is here" posts.  While I am normally one of the first to jump on the fall bandwagon... this year I am sitting it out.  I am still in tank tops, soaking up the sun, still half-assing it with meals because "who wants to eat when it's 90 degrees out? let's have cereal." and still fully in the summer mind. 

For those with older kids, I know some schools started this week and are definitely starting by next week.  For my husband and I though, he took his vacation late (it will start this Friday after work!) and this is my last week nannying.  In that spirit, I am fully soaking up these last few weeks of our summer, an in between season if you will. 

Staying present in the moments that will wind up being our last as a family of three, paying attention to the new things my daughter is doing/saying every day, soaking up the last of the warm warm days before the cool air sets in (although, at least in Ohio, it's been a cool summer and we have already had some very fallish days), enjoying the parks, zoo, and ice cream places now that they aren't as crowded.  And of course nesting, I am in full blown nesting craziness over here.  Shampooing carpets, cleaning the basements out, wanting to bake bake bake.  In truth though, I don't know when he will arrive.  In my mind, we are in fair game territory.  So really these last few moments before I meet him read like the end of a very, very good book.  They might make you a little mournful, but you are better having read it. 

The next couple months hold exciting things and while I will embrace fall when it arrives... sweet summer, stay a little longer.

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