I am putting off painting, so much freaking painting.  just imagine a 2000 square foot house and everything that can be painted NEEDS painted, except one glorious room, the living room, which they already had painted white.  anyways, we are finishing up the kitchen and family room and you guys, I am getting to that "what day is it, I need nutrients, I am stressed" kind of point.  so anyways, break!

watching: jim and I are still going through Gilmore girls! and bah bah bah! the last episode we watched Schmidt from new girl was in it!  I love finding new characters on old tv shows!

 dealing: out the time outs.  seriously, also I feel like, I wished these work... but they don't.  enough said

losing: the drama.  I was so pumped when we moved because about a month after I moved in I met this lady at the park who was also a runner and I started running with them on Saturdays.  It was nice to have accountability and a weekly "friendish" date.  the last time I ran with them though she was subtly (not so subtly) slamming me the whole time.  whatever, aint nobody got time for that, surround yourself with light people! so I let her know, won't be running with them anymore! also, can I just say that as an adult, it ALWAYS CATCHES ME OFF GUARD WHEN GROWN WOMEN ACT LIKE THEY ARE IN HIGH SCHOOL! ALWAYS! 

dreaming: not much, all dreams are on hold while I get this house into shape, but seriously.  maybe the house is my dream!

committing: to myself, it feels good.  I never thought I would be the type of person to be chirping "just get up at 6am and do it!" but damn, it feels good to be out doing something exclusively for me. and bonus-  even if I do nothing the rest of the day, I still feel productive.

what are you up to this week?

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  1. I love that you broke up with those ladies. It's been only in the last few years (gulp, my mid-to-late 30s) that I've had the courage to walk away from relationships that just weren't working for me. It's so liberating! And heck yeah on the exercise. Endorphines are where it's at ;)