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daily life.

it didn't really take us too long to fall into a schedule after nugget was born.  mostly because he fell into one naturally and while it has morphed some over the months.  this is where we are at now.  with addy at 2.5 and nugget at 7 months on sunday.  it's a good place to be, a precious place in life and while we are still dealing with night wake ups most nights from one or both of them... most of the time we are getting sleep (hallelujah!)

5-6 am: nurse nugget and lay him back down to sleep.  he now sleeps through the night
6:30 -7:15 get up with addy.  she is in our bed at this point usually coming in around 5 or 6 when she hears nugget wake up. we get up, I get coffee, she gets some sort of "breakfast" and she usually plays
7:45-8:30 nugget wakes up for the  day in here sometime and I get him changed and fed breakfast, daddy leaves for work at 8:30

if we are leaving for the day, we usually try to make it out of the house by ten, but the earlier the better.  I try to get ready before lane wakes up so all I have to do is get addy ready, get lane ready, get the diaper bag, get the dogs taken care of, etc etc (!LOL!) lane takes his nap somewhere between 8:30 and 9:30ish. 

addy and I spend our mornings playing, running errands, or a combination of both.  her favorite places are the library and parks.  but if we stay home, the sand box is a current favorite.  she has been loving a lot of books recently and we've been reading the llama llama, duck to the rescue, etc.

jim comes home from lunch around noon which breaks up the day! we usually have a sandwich and a side.  addy eats everything plain (ie not a sandwich) as she has decided she doesn't like sandwiches.  I usually try to get lane fed here too.

1 pm: NAPTIME! I usually try to accomplish whatever I am up to (usually a house project) nuggies afternoon nap isn't as long as his morning one so he is usually the one that gets me first and we have some one on one time together.

3: wake up.  addy is a grumpy waker so it usualy takes 15-20 minutes of snacking, reading, etc before she is ready to go.

afternoon we have some play time and have started venturing out for errands as well.  there's a nice little pocket before traffic gets terrible, but I usually try to stay home.

5:30 daddy's home! everyone do the happy dance.  depending on how long lane has been up he is ready for bed now or by six.  we throw in dinner around here too.

after dinner lane is asleep and addy and daddy usually play, I clean up dinner and sometimes get the dogs out for a quick walk before addy's bedtime routine

7:30-8 we put addy down for bed. she is usually asleep before nine (that girl!) but talks to herself for a long time.

jim and I hang out, sometimes we work on project separately.  I try to be in bed around 10:30.  so that's where we are at. 

I am going to be so glad I wrote this out in the future.  I love my days right now with the two kids.  it's warming up and it's so nice to be outside and enjoying the sun.

have a great weekend!!!


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that person is selfish
that person is crazy
that person is a coward
they wanted to die
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there are always warning signs, so people know it's coming
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