July July

July is a somewhat busy month for us and while I have lots swirling around, these are things that are on my mind or that I am loving right now.

THESE sippy cups.  magic, pure magic, Lane can drink out of one at nine months, they are easy to wash, and just function better.  A never really got the typical sippy cups (I think because she didn't take a bottle) she only learned straws.  Anyways, I love these, they are great for juices in the family room, etc. and I really feel they help speed the development of drinking from "normal" cups

Marathon training- guys, it's tiring and long.  I did one 14.25 mile run which broke my record for longest run.  but two kids, running the house, training - it's a lot.  I am averaging 2-3 week runs and a long Saturday run.  I feel like I am staying on top of it for the most part but, some days I am tired.  Also runners- shoe suggestions?  I want to try the Nike Flyknit.  Here are my issues - the top half of my foot will go numb a couple miles in wearing the wrong shoe but I am also having heel pain so I need more cushion than before.  I have tried so so so many different pairs of shoes.... so anyways, let me know if there was a magic pair for you guys out there.

Potty training- blow me.

It hasn't really felt like summer yet, we've basically had rain and have been struggling to reach 70 so I am ready for warmer weather and all that jazz, I am hoping the fourth of July brings the heat.

okay, my floors are filthy, literally, so I am gonna go wash them with the precious few seconds of naptime I have left.

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  1. so impressive with your running! 14 miles is amazing! it is SO hard to find time and energy to run especially when they start taking up so much time. Keep at it - you are doing awesome! also I've always worn aasic shoes and love them!