Dear Cavs,

Our playoff season started the day my five week old daughter, Elly, passed away, twelve days later my husband also died suddenly.
Your road to the finals, so fraught with emotion was also the start of a very difficult, seemingly impossible journey for me.

I started watching at game five... when we were down 3-1, I thought for sure that we would lose that game- when we won, all of a sudden- I cared.  When so many lights had gone out for me there was all of a sudden very small glimmer of hope and dare I say satisfaction possibly ahead.

It would have seemed from the circumstances that I shouldn't care whether we won or lost, so many things in my life didn't hold their meaning anymore- but I did.  I couldn't help it.  The enthusiasm was infectious.  These games gave  me hope.

I watched as you won game five and game six and I'll never forget seeing Kyrie on the bench after six holding up his seven fingers.... Here we go.

I almost regretted getting invested as I sat and watched seven.  My emotional vulnerability is high right now and I couldn't imagine having to deal with another loss for Lebron, another loss for the team, another loss for Cleveland, and another loss for me.  But when you won, when we won, there was restoration, there was joy.  I know you will never know all that your victory brought to every individual, but know that it brought a hell of a lot.

In a season of my life where so much has been lost to me- thank you for bringing this home.

With all appreciation,

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