the following.

the following is from a journal entry a little over a month ago.  sometimes i look back over my own writing and the wisdom in it catches me by surprise.  that's not to blow my own horn, it's more to say, it is so easy to lose sight of knowledge we keep within ourselves.  remind yourself of who you are, bring yourself back to the roots.

you look to them to either prove security or to prove it cannot be- either way, that is not their role.  it's not about them.  security cannot be found.  it's about having something broken that shouldn't have been forged in the first place.  the crystal pieces of illusion crashing around you do not lend themselves to building you stronger.
(pull back, pull back, pull back)
for you do not know who you are (pull back)
(pull back) for you must find it before it can be given
do not allow others to give you their idea of yourself
you are frightened but you are ok.  you will not make the same mistake twice.  your lesson - so brutally learned - will prevent future entrapment.  what you have learned has become a part of who you are.

they are not what you need
create something within yourself
"what's that" enough already- yes you can.

who knows what the future will bring- who are you to clasp your talons into it and dictate the purpose of the days, the purpose of people, and the purpose of your life?  let.go.

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