a sunny end to the week

just to sum up.  this week was rough.  emotionally and physically.  I have been dealing with a lot of issues that didn't hit until much later in my first pregnancy (like swelling and an incredible amount of lower back pain) I attribute much of this to just trying to keep up with my active toddler.  In addition, Adelynn had a rough time adjusting back (her schedule was thrown off completely in Baltimore, 10 pm bedtimes, morning naps, no afternoon naps... etc) and it was basically just a meltdown city for everyone this week.

but finally she slept for 12.5 hours last night and woke up smiling and with the exception of her hating the taste of her new allergy medicine, has been in good spirits since.  I got a half hour to myself this morning that I celebrated with some stretching, a pop tart and a cup of coffee, Jim is coming home for a half day and I am seeing a friend for lunch.  I think a relaxing day in the sun is going to be in order for everyone and I can't wait to kick start this weekend relaxing.

I hope everyone enjoys this Friday and weekend with their loves.  Here are some Friday snapshots.

2o week belly

canoe at the zoo

first time riding in "the big girl car" at the grocery store

cheesin at her great grandparents

morning snuggles from her papa

oh hey, four o clock

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