so much news

it's May first of all!
THANK GOD I finally see stuff that is green!

one.  I took a bad fall and broke my tailbone last Wednesday, ugh- thankfully baby was ok (confirmed after waiting 3 (THREE!) hours to see a doctor at the ER!)  a donut and Tylenol are rocking as my bff right now and it has been so so so hard not be active with Adelynn. 

two.  right now we are staying in our current house.  we will hopefully be buying in the next eight months or so! (oh my god such big news!) this is such a blessing and we are so looking forward to the next step

three.  let's see some current snap shots!

family shot before heading to our second ultrasound!

this just cracks me up, it's from a game where we nanny at

spring has come!

look at that girl, sitting like a boss at one of my doctor's appointments! so well-behaved!

baby(s) and mama, this is like five weeks old, so not a current belly pic at all

overall, this injury has knocked me on my ass.  I am tired, grumpy, and very sore.  but other than that we are doing well.  I am looking forward to what the future has in store for us and excited about:

learning the gender at the end of May!
warmer weather finally!
maternity shorts
and of course being with my baby all day!

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