How did we get halfway through September?

You guys.  Can I just take a moment and say that Adelynn is so good.  Like just such a good kid.  It is easy to get caught up in the hard things of toddlerhood, but overall she is so well behaved.  She rarely misbehaves in public, usually stays close to me when we are out, will sit (somewhat) patiently through my doctor's appointments with me, goes to sleep so well, is so gentle with our small dogs.  I could go on and on but it just makes my heart swell.  Sometimes I don't realize how good she is until I see other people's kids out in action (ya know i'm right!) and you see this wild hooligan running fifty thousand feet in front of their parents screaming like a banshee and just think "holy shit."

That being said.  Not much to report over here.  Tomorrow is my last day being pre-term and so in my head I am basically to term.  While an exciting feat, I have never made it this far before in pregnancy- so I am also like "WTF this gets super uncomfortable at the end ya'll."  I am in that bittersweet place of trying to soak up our last moments as a family of three and also am just super super excited to see that sweet, tiny face for the first time. 

With temps dropping into the 30's overnight here (!!!) it is starting to definitely feel officially like fall.  I, however, am refusing to believe fall is here until he arrives.  I feel like his birth is going to officially kick off the season for me (is that silly?).  Until then I am holding tightly to my summer dreams, even if I am doing it wrapped in a blanket.

Also, I am curious, all you mama's out there with older siblings, how did you do the introduction?  Addy is still young, at almost two.  I know her primary concern will be for me and checking on me.  I mean, this girl has burst into tears at Doctor's appointments over worry for me.  So here is our plan on how we are handling it.  She will be with family while I deliver.  When she comes to the hospital for the first time, I am going to send her baby brother to the nursery so that when she sees me it will be just her and I for a while.  She can "check" on me and we can spend some one on one time together.  Then I'll have the baby brought in so she can meet him with me and we can all spend some time together.  I am then going to send brother back to the nursery so it's not like he gets to stay with me when she has to leave.  I think that will be the best option for our family and for her at tis time.  I know there are a million ways to do it but with her being so young, I think this will lead to the best possible processing of the information. 

I am getting so so excited, and so so ready.  I cannot wait to meet him.  Until then, I am going to soak up these last moments with him kicking away.

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