Pregnancy Brain

For those out there that doubt if pregnancy brain is a real thing, I can attest to you it is.  

Yesterday I got this pumpkin syrup from Amazon and I was so excited to try it out this morning with my coffee to celebrate today being the first day of fall.  Only when I brewed my coffee this morning.... it was in a word, horrendous.  I can't even describe the taste to you.  I remembered reading reviews saying, "oh this is bitter, it doesn't even taste like pumpkin pie" etc. etc.  So, being the clever girl I am - I thought to myself "oh Bria, you put too much in" even though I had followed the directions exactly, I figured I had just put too much in for my taste.  So I remade my pumpkin spice latte with significantly less syrup and it was still really bad.

I immediately started planning my return to amazon and was so disappointed that I ended up not liking it.

Until my loving husband shouted from the other room "did you put something in this coffee?! It's horrendous, I can't even drink it"

That's when it clicked... in my nesting mode, I had descaled our Keurig brewer yesterday... which uses white vinegar... except I forgot to do the rinse cycle.  So I essentially brewed our coffee with white vinegar. dis-gusting.

Let me tell you folks, that taste stays with you for a while.  I was eventually able to get it "rinsed" but still, my first beverage of fall, was quite ruined.

About thirty seconds after the coffee debacle, I was making Jim lunch and found the peanut butter in the fridge... Let's all say a prayer this baby comes soon or else I might have to look into adult day care.

As for other news... someone decided to grow up recently.  Be still my heart.  

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