i know it's late on the getgo.

i have been processing a lot lately... without writing, which is odd for me.  mostly while nursing, running, or laying in bed at night.  i have started the rather arduous process of sifting through and processing my childhood memories as an adult.  i guess having a child has brought them to the forefront of my mind.  it's not really the easiest thing for me to do, some is painful, sometimes even more painful from this point of view.

but in any case, it leaves me a little high and dry in the writing field.  and in the spirit of transparency, i did start this blog with the knowledge that i eventually want it to grow and build it into a way to earn an income.  however, as i have spent more and more time on blogs, there seems to be a lot of "fluff." which is fine, but it's not what i want mine to be.  i want to write because i have something edifying to share, not because i have to post 7daysaweekohmygoshhere'smyweekendrecap.  again, in all areas of my life, i want to stay true to myself and my blog is a natural extension of that.

so at any rate, currently we have been (1) loving the weather, i mean loving loving loving it, thankyouptl! (2) hating 6 month shots :(  (3) enjoying time together as a family (4) realizing my scoliosis is having an impact on my running and that my days in runners shoes are numbered (5) trying my very very best to remain thankful at all times.

also quick update on my weekend, remember when i said i was attempting this cake?  okay, well i was so nervous to make it because i put an inordinate amount of pressure on myself to succeed at everything the very first time i do it ever and you guys, birthdays are a big deal.  but you all, it turned out soooooooooooo good.

(action shot!  hubby getting ready to blow out his candles!)

and when i say so good, i mean it is the best damn cake i have ever eaten.  seriously, please do yourself a favor and try it.  if i could mail you all a cake i would because no one should die without eating this.  the ONLY thing i changed in following the recipe was that i sweetened the icing "to taste" using the confectioners sugar, and only used about 2.5 cups in total.  everything else i followed to a "t."

so with that, happy tuesday!  and here's to cake for breakfast!

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