the sun is up

guys, it may still be cold, but we have had consistently sunny days the past couple in ohio, NO complaints here.

nothing big is happening here, easing back into our routine.  april is a month of dr's appointments and follow ups (YUCK!) so the rest of the month will be heating up.  BUT i am gearing up for this weekend, it is the hubby's birthday SATURDAY and my little ones HALF BIRTHDAY SUNDAY!  i LOVE birthdays, especially other people's birthdays.  i LOVE LOVE LOVE planning things and making them special.  i am so excited about the tradition of celebrating my kids half birthdays because i can remember what a big deal it was to me when i was little "i'm 5 and A HALF!"

5 things i am doing for my husbands birthday

(1) making his cake!  wish me luck, i am making this banana cake and am VERY excited about it
(2) putting up a birthday banner
(3) wrapping his presents in kraft paper
(4) surprising him with krispy kremes in the morning
(5) and i have a big surprise planned with a poem i wrote about it that i will share later :)

5 things i love about each day

(1) my child's laugh, getting to stay at home means i am there for every smile, every laugh, and to comfort every tear, i forget this too often and need to remind my selfish heart to be t-ha-n-k-f-u-l
(2) my cup of coffee in the morning
(3) working out!
(4) naps on the couch with a 14 lb sweaty weight on my chest, itdoesn'tgetanybetter than a baby breathing on you
(5) my husband coming home and getting to relax with him at the end of his workday

alsoooooooo, with hitting six months, i thought i would do a post-partum update for you all and do a post on my body six months after giving birth pictures included!! (lucky you! :) so stay tuned that will be coming later this week.  :)

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