(1) i have been diligently entering the smart home sweepstakes from HGTV, i told my husband "i have a really good feeling about this, i think we are going to win!" we probably aren't... i am pretty unlucky in these things.  but how cool would it be?  check out the house here.

(2) the sunshine helps so much, seriously so so so much.  now i just need to think of age appropriate activities to do outside.  any help on this one moms?  she is six, going on seven months.  also moms any advice for a lightweight travel stroller?  she needs to be able to sit upright in it as she doesn't love her current one because of not being able to sit upright and honestly i don't love it either, it was part of a travel system and is very bulky and takes up a lot of my trunk

(3) we got little's big girl car seat, just waiting to install it!  i can't believe it.  we went with the ever popular britax marathon.  so so so pumped.

(4) finances have been on my mind a lot recently.  i handle the budget, but in my heart i am a spender.  also real talk here, sometimes it's hard not to be envious of all the things other mommy bloggers have.  seriously, how old am i and how stupid do i sound saying that?  but it's true.  i am reigning it in slowly but surely.  defining guidelines have helped with that, so i actually know how much i can spend in each category.  i am also re-evaluating my priorities and reminding myself that stuff eventually is just empty and how much more important it is for me to be home with my family.  how sad that i have to even work on this, but i do.  it is so hard not to constantly want want want.  oh little heart, learn contentment.

(5) running has been going so well recently.  i did 5.7 miles on sunday without blinking (ok i might've blinked but it went pretty well).  i am so thankful to have a husband that doesn't bat an eye when the first thing out of my mouth once that baby is sleeping is "i'm going for a run."

(6) i have been a little lonely recently.  in the past couple of years my two closest friends have moved out of town and i had a kid which kinda puts a damper on nights out (not that i mind).  it makes you realize how much i value good girlfriends and how long it can take to build those relationships.  it also makes me thankful for my husband and serves as a reminder to not let our friendship die out to being "room mates"

(7) i have been in a cooking rut recently, ugh.  any recommendations?  we have been eating a lot of deli sandwiches, lol.  but seriously a deli sammy can be so so so good, especially if you haven't had one in a while.

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