healthy treats and good eats

it seems that i am continuously revamping my eating habits.  always trying to be healthier and cut out more processed food.  during my pregnancy though, i developed quite the sweet tooth and and have since been trying to cut out that darn craving for sugar.  that being said, recently i have redoubled my efforts as i now have a little one that is not only interested in food and what mommy's eating but will also be eating everything that we eat very very soon.  i am definitely inspired to continuously step up y eating and focus on eating whole foods.  that being said, i am still going to be making my killer cakes on the weekends!

here is what i have been enjoying recently

avocado and egg over hard.  a little bit of salt and hot sauce and this is a delicious lunch high in protein and the good for you fat!!!

coconut milk and chia seeds (thank you danielle at sometimes sweet for this recipe via instagram! i have loved it!)

take one can of coconut milk and mix with 1/4 cup chia seeds for every cup of milk, refrigerate for two hours and top with berries and a little agave nectar/honey if desired!  it comes out the consistency of a rich custard and was so satisfying.

beets - i have busted out my juicer again and am hard at work making a juice first thing in the morning.  i started juicing beets this morning and was pleasantly surprised not only by how pretty they made my juice look but also their pleasant and subtle flavor!
so those have been my go to recently.  anyone have any healthy secrets or favorite foods to share?  i love how easy the above "recipes" or flavor combinations are, that's one of the great things about whole foods - the flavor is there you don't need to add much!

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