oh july! july!

And just like that another month of summer begins...

I have been neglectful of this place recently.. but I think I needed tye break.   Plus my laptop is broken (wah wah) so I am currently typing this on a tablet (yuck) and will have a severe lack of pictures.

But I am thankful for July... it feels like a fresh slate.  For a long time in my oife I could never really describe myself as happy and I can now and it feels good.  The cloud over my head has dissipated, I don't constantly fear the future.  It is refreshing to take my happiness at face value instead of constantly searching for what was going to go wrong

Saturday I had a mini break down w the hubby which althouhh doesnt seem to fit in w the theme of happiness... does.  You guys.... I was just so exhausted, which sounds so trivial right? But I was just left feeling empty.  But after I cried and admitted how tired I was, I felt so much lighter, even though my amount of sleep remained the same.  Sharing burdens really does help, amen?

I have also taken some time off running after a knee injury had me hobbling last week and I really think I needed it.  Running eight miles isn't worth it if I end up just being a bitch all day because I am so tired.

I am looking forwwrd to sharing photos and more thoughts once that computer is up and runningbut for now I am resting and taking in summer and enjoying my beautiful family,

Welcome back july, it's nife to see you again.

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