fantasy vs. reality

as previously mentioned in this post, i have been entering the HGTV smart home giveaway... every day.  this takes me approximately two minutes to complete every day, which has translated into about 1.5 hours when it is all said and done.

1.5 hours is a lot of time to day dream about winning.

the house is located in florida and i have this secret fantasy in my head where we win and move to florida (someplace the husband and i have NEVER wanted to live) but moving is all in this master plan and we end up LOVING it.  also florida is a hot spot for bloggers, so i end up becoming bff's with

kelle from bloom

and glennon from momastery

(i think they need a blonde friend, don't you?)

and then because we have to move to florida and get new jobs (well the husband does, my job remains taking care of the baby - i would get a book deal (awesome!) and we would never have to worry about money again and also we would get to swim WHENEVER WE WANT! (a huge deal for a native ohioan).

what's really sad about this is that i keep seeing signs that i am going to win.  i feel like i am playing the lottery with my last dollar.

while creating this made up universe in my head, i have also been working on "staying present" "staying focused"

clearly, i need to remain working on it... but until that HGTV winner is announced... well you never know, it could be me!

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  1. Ha! My roots are pretty bad right now but I'm kind of blonde, so I can be your blonde Florida friend!