and so it goes.

happy easter everyone.  although everyone's blogs will be filled with a recap of time spent with family, at church, etc.  our easter went a little differently.

how's that for drama eh?  yes, i officially took my first child to the emergency room for the first time, although i am confident it won't be the last.  and yes everything is fine.  my poor baby was in absolute HYSTERICS today and she refused to nurse/eat and i just knew something was wrong.  in six months of being her mom, i have never seen her like she was today.  our dx?  constipation and gas.  poor baby seems to have her mom's digestive system...  good luck baby is all i have to say.  so we were sent home with a "script" for pear juice.

of course when we get to the ER though, she was smiling and cooing.  "oh what a happy baby" was the phrase heard constantly.  and she seems to be fine now.

of course i was in hysterics too for most of the day.  but at the end of the day, we have a healthy baby and that remains the easter blessing i am most thankful for.  here's to a good week and a productive one for my little one's digestive system!

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