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first six months favorites

hard to believe the little is getting ready to be six months old.  it's crazy how much she has changed and how interested she is in adult things already, namely my coffee cup and my water tumbler.  literally obsessed.  today i swear i turned my head for half a second while holding her and when i turned back she was chewing on my straw.  i am so excited for what the next six months are getting ready to bring us and of course celebrating her half birthday in a little less than two weeks.

the changes occurring in the first two years for a baby are remarkable and with so much on the market and them outgrowing thing so quickly, it is hard to know what to invest in.  here is my version of some "must haves" that include items i have found to be either just indispensable those first couple months or very multipurpose.  noticeably absent are high chairs, car seats, changing tables, etc.  those things are necessities and everyone has different preferences and styles.  so without further ado..

1. fisher price rock and play sleeper: this was recommended to me by another mom who had it recommended to her by another mom and so on.  i was so overwhelmed by all the bassinet and co-sleeper options but i knew i definitely wanted to keep her in my room the first couple months.  but the bassinets are PRICEY and i didn't feel completely comfortable having her in bed with me.
this thing is awesome for the following reasons:

  • lightweight and folds up easily, you can hold the baby in one hand and the sleeper in the other which makes it awesome transporting from upstairs to downstairs (very portable!)
  • approved for night time sleep! 
  • it has a slight incline making it awesome for gerd/colic sufferers
  • cheap this thing clocks in at around $50
  • small it fit right next to my bed easier soothing
  • it ROCKS hence the name, which equals easier soothing.  

notice my emphasis on soothing!  little a started out in this from night one and rocked it till about 3 months when we transitioned her to a crib.

2. halo sleep sack: this is a bit of a common item but i registered for a couple different swaddlers and liked this one the best for the following reasons (the other ones remain unworn and packed away).  little A had to sleep with her arms out (she keep her balled up fists right next to her cheeks and has since the womb) since the startle reflex didn't wake her up or disturb her sleep we used this swaddle which allowed for a tight wrapping around her midsection but let her arms be free.  we have stuck with the halo brand as she has gotten older and she is now using their sleep sacks.  also no blankets to get bunched by the face and obstruct breathing!

3. nordic carrier: i wanted to include this because i think it has features a lot of other carriers on the market lack.  this carrier has the infant position for when they are very small and literally grows with them all the way up.  i know a lot of people purchase the k'taan or moby for small infants and then the ergo baby or bjorn for when they are older.  everyone i know who has purchased this LOVES it, it's affordable and it literally does grow with the child, eliminating the need for two carriers!

4. indestructibles: i LOVE these books.  i got them as a set from and i am planning on buying more.  here is their excerpt and basically all the reasons why i love them "Built for the way babies read, Indestructibles are printed on an amazing paperlike material that can’t be ripped, torn, or punctured. Indestructibles are 100 percent safe and nontoxic, and if they get too funky, just throw them in the washing machine or dishwasher. They’re made for baby to hold, grab, chew, pull, and bend, and are designed to create an even more special bond between reader and baby. Printed without words, the parent gets to make up the story, or just cuddle with baby while they explore together"
also one more point I would add, the pictures are beautiful and contain very subtle variations in color across the page, perfect for babies developing vision!

5. tiny love play mat: although i love our play mat, this is just more of a recommendation of "get a play mat."  we started laying A on her back at about six weeks and we have definitely gotten our use out of it.  she used to just lay there and look at the figures, then she started batting at them, and now we just use it as a multipurpose mat: hang teethers from it, use it for tummy time, etc, etc.  it is also very easy to transport so i usually take it with us when we travel.

6. bjorn bibs: we started solids recently and since it is cold here, feeding the baby naked isn't an option yet.  these bibs rock- they catch all the food and are SO easy to wipe clean (since we stained all her bibs in basically a day).  one caveat i will say, they take a little getting used to, i put it on her at every meal but usually about halfway through she has had ENOUGH of it and i take it off.  i am hoping as she gets older and we continue to use it she will get used to it.  i imagine we will use these for a long time.

7. gerber 3 pack sleepers: at six months of age, my child still lives in pajamas half the time, i 

figure hey i am in leggings, she should be comfy too!  these are cheap so you don't have to worry if they get stained and even the snap ones are easy to get back together in the middle of the night.  they do run small though, so keep that in mind when buying sizes.  pajamas are an absolute necessity those first couple months especially.  so always have more than you think you will need.  (also just a recommendation clothes wise, outfits are cute but skip anything with layers those first couple months, your infant is TINY, layers looks so ridiculous on a newborn because there isn't anywhere for the fabric to go, it just bunches)

8. boppy pillow: i bought this for breast feeding and it definitely helped those first couple weeks but i didn't get much use out of it after that.  i had packed it away when my friend suggested to pull it back out now that little A is learning to sit on her own.  since i had just been holding her while she sat and played, this was a turning point!  that little cushion goes around her hips and gives her a balance for either side.  i can now face her and we can place the toys between us.  i am loving the boppy again.

9. IQ baby knock knock blocks: these were a christmas gift and i love them.  there are so many different sensory experiences for baby, including crinkling, different fabric textures, rattles, the list goes on and on.  currently baby loves having her dad and i build towers for her to knock down and chewing on them.  as she gets older i imagine she will enjoy building her own towers and we have used them for a while though as she liked staring at the black and white patterns when she was younger.

10.  soothe and glow seahorse: when she was younger, A would be knocked out by the time we put her in her bed, but probably around 4 months, she would be half awake or in a twilight sleep when we would put her in her crib for bedtime after nursing.  this is a lifesaver.  she will literally start to fuss as i lay her down, i push on that little seahorses tummy and she is MESMERIZED and asleep by the time it goes off.  i put hers on the edge of the crib along the slats so she just turns her head and stares at it.  

whew, ok that was long.  how about you?  what were your favorites for the first six months?  and other mommas out there, any recommendations for the next six months? (especially TEETHING recommendations!!) 


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